August 24, 2016

Tips & Tricks

Presenting your property for sale requires some effort but is essential to help obtain the most interest and the best price possible. This section of our site gives you a few pointers on what to do to get the most out of your marketing photos and also have the property looking its best for viewings by potential buyers.

A lot of the comments may seem obvious but it’s surprising how many visits we do where clients have not prepared the property properly. It’s also easy to miss certain things when you live in a home from day to day and get used to the layout and where things are.

Before a photography visit or viewing take time to stage each room by:


  • Clearing ALL clutter
  • Turn off TV screens and computer monitors
  • Put away clothes
  • Remove dressing gowns, coats etc. from the back of doors
  • Don’t have too many family photos on display
  • If needs be organise storage of items to clear a room
  • Remove any evidence of pets  i.e. Bowls, dog beds, toys
  • Pet odours should be dealt with too for viewings.
  • Plants should be looking good, if there is a dead/dying plant in a room replace it with a healthy one. Fresh flowers/plants always help to add an extra aspect to most rooms
  • Consider removing some furniture if the room is over full
  • If a room is in need of a makeover consider a coat of paint to freshen it up. Light neutral colours should be used


  • Make sure things stored under beds cannot be seen, Wide angle photography does not miss much!
  • Ensure bedside tables are clear and any bed side lights are working and switched on
  • Remove boxes, bags etc. from the top of wardrobes if they can be seen
  • Remove brightly coloured children’s toys from rooms other than play rooms or children’s bedrooms. Even in these rooms make sure the clutter is not detracting from the overall view of the room


  • Remove shampoo bottles, shower gels, bleach and cleaner bottles etc. These are generally brightly coloured and stand out a mile in photographs.
  • If there is a feature radiator or towel rail remove the towels so it can be seen. There is always enough of an interest in a bathroom shot to warrant the removal of items like these


  • As with bathrooms kitchens are better if worktops are clear apart from main appliances (toaster, kettle etc.). Brightly coloured items like washing up liquid bottles etc. should all be removed
  • Remove tea towels and oven gloves from sight
  • Store away cereal boxes and food items other than a strategically placed fruit bowl full of fresh fruit
  • As with Bedrooms make sure there is nothing on the top of the wall units or freestanding appliances.
  • Remove all the magnets and bits of paper stuck on the fridge doors


Outside space should be given the same treatment as indoors.

  • Get rid of rubbish and tidy the area fully
  • Cut any lawns and remove weeds
  • If you have garden furniture/seating arrange it as if it were being used that day and put up any parasol that goes with the set
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway
  • Hide away waste and recycling bins


The whole exercise is to promote an idea that the property is cared for, by doing these things people will leave from a viewing with a positive image of the property and be thinking of themselves and their furnishings in the home. Rather than be leaving with a negative feeling and discussing the mess in the bathroom or the heap of rubbish in the garden. The key phrase throughout for the majority of properties is ‘Minimalist is Best’ & ‘Less is More’.

Any questions or to book a FREE home consultation, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.